Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Baker has helped me regain better mobility, and improved how I feel every day! My golf game has definitely improved, and I'm enjoying the game more now. He listens, and immediately takes care of any problem! He is the best chiropractor I have gone to, and I would recommend him to everyone!"

- Barbara D.

"Dr. Baker is outstanding, comforting, informative, and goes above and beyond to address his patients symptoms. Lake Lure Chiropractic is one of THE best chiropractic offices in the western North Carolina & upstate South Carolina regions. The front desk staff is wonderful and accommodating, ensuring your time at the office to be a pleasant one!"

- Micheal F.

"Lake Lure Chiropractic is amazing. Prior to coming here, I was a patient at another chiropractic office for nearly 7 years. I was very happy there but it was a nearly 40 minute drive for me. When Dr. Baker opened a clinic here in town, though I was quite hesitant to leave where I was established, the allure of a 10 minute drive led me to give it a try. I have been more than pleased. I'd even go so far as to say I've made more progress here in a year than the previous 7 at my old clinic. Dr. Baker is extremely thorough and the office atmosphere is friendly and inviting. I highly recommend them!"

- Denise G.

"I have been a chiropractic patient all my life and once meeting Dr. Baker I knew I was in good hands. I drive all the way from Landrum to visit him I would even drive further if I had to. Thank you!"

- Brian B.

"My 1st Chiropractic Adjustment was when I was 14 years old & I have been going all my life. When I lived in Scottsdale I worked with a group of D.C.'s & got Adjusted by all of them, Dr. Baker is one of the best Doctors that has ever Adjusted me. I always leave his office feeling great! Thank You Dr. Baker."

- Barbi S.


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